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Understanding Design Prototypes – What You Can And Can’t Do With Them

As you already know, there are few preliminary stages for every website or app before it is released, where the team tests the structure, appearance, and functionality to fix any compromised functionality and to communicate their message in the clearest possible way. These phases are all similar to each other, and in order not to […]

Does Your E-commerce Site Really Need a Mobile App?

E-commerce has been on the rise for a while, and although desktop purchases still prevail over mobile sales, advancements in mobile app development will encourage a surge in mobile commerce (or m-commerce) seniority. The demand for mobile app development in retail is growing every year. More than ever, today’s retail landscape relies on a standard […]

8 Reasons why UX/UI Designer is best job in the world.

Why is UX/UI designer the best job in the world? By:  Johny Vino Product designer. Designing for daily human problem. You’re going to be the only human, who truly loves their job.You will get paid to do what you like most. So its like paid holiday №1. You will never feel Boring. UX designers solve different problems […]

How giant websites design for you

Author: Margaret Gould Stewart Facebook’s “like” and “share” buttons are seen 22 billion times a day, making them some of the most-viewed design elements ever created. Margaret Gould Stewart, Facebook’s director of product design, goes over the thought process behind the design process and the impact that even small changes in design can have.


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