Our partnerships with storage companies range from traditional EMC/Netapps to All flash storage like kaminario gives the flexibility to design and tailor solutions accordingly.

Storage is the core of any company’s infrastructure. Our priority is providing you with adequate resources as well as high speed write for your company’s files, software, mission critical data, and more. We have solutions for traditional storage, all flash storage, and even hybrid solutions. These solutions will provide your company the data organization it needs to thrive.

We provide the following:

  • Storage solutions provide de-duplication and compression measurements.
  • Traditional Spindle Storage – Solution for high loads of data, typically for archiving. (10,000 IOPS)
  • All Flash Storage – Solution for fastest processing and data transfer. (400,000 IOPS)
  • Hybrid Storage – Solution for environments that require archiving and pulling up pertinent data quick and efficiently. (200,000 IOPS)