Contact centers are valuable to a companies customer service department as well their IT department.

Variedy Networks’ relationships with certain vendors allow the best pricing and latest technology on voice over IP phones and video conferencing.

Without worrying about location and presence, a communication technology should allow the assets and resources of the company to focus on acquiring and retaining customers. This is the center of the health of your customer relations.

Through the means of customer interaction, businesses compete to gain new customers while keeping a good relationship with their current customers. Customer loyalty is only acquired if the company provides unified communications with quality service. The only way to truly provide high quality service is for a company to use all its resources to focus on customer satisfaction. When a company is able to communicate, and collaborate in a high quality interactive environment with customers, it is overall stronger.

Business leaders always need to have visibility over every aspect of their company. Like a general needing to keep track of his entire army, business leaders need to know the strengths and weaknesses of their team along with threats and opportunities that could compromise the success of the business.

Organizational Benefits

A strong unified communications platform is the key to success for any business. It will allow you to manage your business anywhere and anytime and maintain leadership and control over it. Through a rich network platform, you can have all encompassing strategy that manages and controls all communications.

Enterprise to Start up, businesses no longer follow to “golden rule”. Nowadays, customers prefer the “platinum rule”, “treat me the way that I want to be treated…not the way that you want to be treated.”

The customers are the life line of your business. There are many competitors in each market and customers always have another option. Although price is a factor for customers, they also purchase based on how they “feel” about the business and how you interacted with them. If your customers cannot reach you or feel ignored, they would gladly do their business with your competition.

Customers want to be able to contact a business through all forms of communications, whether it be through the phone or social media. Your contact center is where you mainly get in contact with your customers and create those important relationships. It is important to keep your contact center running smoothly and Nexus offers a wide range of solutions for contact center problems, both big and small.

How Can VARIEDY NETWORKs Assist Your Organization?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you currently leveraging your customer acquisition costs? Do you need a strong framework to support customer contacts? Nexus provides powerful, fully-integrated systems to address your contact center’s communication needs.
  • Are you trying to evaluate your contact center’s performance and plan for the future without adequate statistical information? Nexus offers detailed information on agent productivity, system performance and performance of the contact center as a whole. This data can be used for real-time productivity management as well as creating the historical foundation for analysis and planning.
  • How do your customer’s perceive your contact center? Nexus provides contact center applications that can help your organization improve that critical first impression by increasing customer access options and alternatives, streamlining customer transactions and creating a closed-loop system with contact follow-up.
  • Could your contact center be more efficient? Could it work in a more cost-effective manner? Nexus provides contact center products and applications that enable your organization to enhance agent productivity; implement workforce management for forecasting, scheduling and tracking schedule adherence; streamline your processes, procedures and reporting through workflow management; and support the performance supervision critical for evaluation, quality assurance and training.
  • Do you offer your customers a choice in how to contact you? Can you maintain consistent functionality and information regardless of the media type used? We support customer loyalty initiatives with multimedia access technologies, allowing you to create consistent customer handling combined with the ability to prioritize customers and customer contacts for preferred or expedited hand

Contact centers should have a strong framework that can allow you to provide excellent customer service and one that supports efficiency. VARiedy Networks has a wide range of products have the solutions to everything you may need, from increasing management effectiveness to enhancing customer satisfaction. These solutions will address your most important needs and keep you contact center running smoothly.

variedy networks provides the following

  • VoIP Phone and Network Deployment
  • Intercom programming
  • Call Routing Options
  • Call Queue Visibility