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"VARIEDY provides Next Gen rapid application development for leading SaaS models, UX/UI design, responsive web & native mobile development for enterprise & consumer apps."

Software development is the most competitive tool in many industries. The rapid growth in need for software comes from the flexibility and the digital capabilities that code and software bring, helping revamp both customer and business operations. This includes the ability of companies to gain a competitive advantage, meet unique software needs, and even gain an additional stream of revenue.
The capabilities of software would not be possible without the right talent to produce such software products. It requires the capacity of the teams managing these efforts as well. It requires a highly competent project manager and technical director, ensuring proper project planning, learning of feasibility, testing, and implementation. It also requires the utilization of the skills of their developers efficiently and making processes more streamlined. 

Mobile Application Development

In the modern world, Software and Mobile App development has now become one of the most imperative and highly-sought after services for business development. Software and mobile services allow business leaders to improve simplicity, increase worker efficiency, and revolutionize the way customers interact with their products and services. We develop High-calibre native and hybrid Custom Mobile Applications for iOS and Android Platforms.


VARIEDY’s SEO services strives to get your site rank high through organic search results. We have a team of highly experienced professionals who are capable of delivering the desired results to improve rankings in the highly competitive market within your niche. VARIEDY SEO services increase your visibility in all the major search engines by improving keyword rankings and boosting your real time website traffic which are always done through white hat techniques.
Quality SEO requires in-depth industry research before working on the optimization of websites. It gives us good insight about the competitive advantage of websites when compared to others. We understand best practices to analyze the information which comes from thorough research some of which are mentioned in the following:
Targeted Keywords
Link Sources
URL Popularity
Traffic Source
VARIEDY team maps optimum SEO strategies by analyzing the various different algorithms of the search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN. Our team puts a great effort in researching and identifying the niche directories, websites, blogs, social networks and keywords to connect your website to these. After in-depth research of your website and analyzing the targeted market for your business, VARIEDY executes the following:


Before beginning a search engine optimization (SEO) project, it is important to understand the process involved in an effective SEO campaign. To that end, we break the process down.

Website Analysis and Benchmarking

Setting Goals:
Our aim is to provide you with complete web marketing solutions which help your website rank high on the search engines. Before moving on further, we will have a consultation phase where we will discuss what your website goals are and how we can accomplish them.
Benchmarking Analysis:
There are many factors that help us to understand your competition's SEO benchmarking. By using our SEO services you will be able to receive a branded presence on Google and Microsoft Bing search engines. The upstream and downstream traffic will be aggressively monitored by our SEO professionals.
Key phrase Research:
We do fair bit of research regarding the use of keywords and we also look at what kind of keywords your clients are using in order to gain traffic. The fresh demands of unique and new keywords are also taken into consideration. The keywords with high conversion rate raise you ROI. The key phrase selection is also done for tracking and improving the SEO process. Click to Edit

On Page Optimization

VARIEDY incorporates your selected keywords into existing internet pages with keyword saturation and density which is needed to achieve the top 10 rankings by modifying and optimizing the crucial areas in your site’s source code. The accurate implementation of server levels adjustments will guarantee your site to be user friendly.

Utilizing key phrase factors like keyword density, relevancy and position.
Page markup factors and Rich Media Snippets
AI intelligence and Bots tracking real time data
Using H1/H2/H3 HTML Tags.
Optimizing home page content
Responsive coding
Proper JSS and CSS compressing
Content Caches


VARIEDY has developed and deployed market leading software and mobile applications. From enterprise platforms, SaaS enabled value chains and consumer mobile apps. We bond our leading digital infrastructure expertise with industry leading rapid software design for innovative start ups to Fortune 50 Companies. View some of our project portfolio below. 


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VARIEDY delivers rapid UX prototyping to fulfill native app development across all digital screens. Our design team leads in best practice in human interface design utilizing modern skills in SKETCH and Native App deployment. Preview some of our talented team's works below.