VARiedy Networks is in contact with the industry’s top leaders in data center solutions to establish highly efficient and resilient platforms, while at the same time reducing your total costs.

We have been in this space for years and understand the ins and outs of data centers. The areas that our experts focus on are:

Data Center Partnerships

We leverage these concepts to build a custom data center strategy for your business. Some  manufacturers such as:

  • Cisco
  • EMC
  • VMware
  • NetApp
  • Citrix
  • Microsoft
  • Quantum
  • APC

VARiedy Networks offers infrastructure architecture which will allow companies to not only protect crucial information, but also improve your data centers to work at its optimum efficiency and create new secure application environments to support your specific business process. This opens the opportunity to invest in more IT initiatives and flourish through a strong network foundation, while reducing your companies total costs.

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Every Advanced Technology, One Partner

Unlike many other companies, this company uses Nexus which is one of the few Cisco partners that has the option to deliver all advanced technologies to customers. We are a one stop shop that will eliminate the constant need for multiple partners for your one customer.

  • Unified Communications
  • Data Protection
  • Collaboration
  • Data Center
  • Contact Center
  • Mobility
  • Infrastructure
  • Managed Services

Now more than ever, VARiedy can be the only Advanced Technology partner you will ever need!

VARiedy Networks provides

  • Customized Data Center and collocation deployment
  • Move in management
  • Remote operations
  • Customer Portal