CCPA Compliance
& Avoid
Private Action

VARIEDY InfoSec provides reasonable security measures to prevent data ex-filtration

Manage CCPA privacy requests, privacy APIs, and data breach prevention
Privacy Requests
Management (DSAR)
Software to manage CCPA consumer privacy requests &
avoid enforcement action
Fast, Easy
Data Loss Prevention
InfoSecEnforcer’s network data loss prevention (DLP) needs no data discovery 
Office 365
DLP Solution 
Protect personal information in your Office 365 cloud to
meet CCPA compliance requirements

Privacy API Engine
for CCPA 
Automate personal data lookup triggered
by consumer privacy requests 
We deliver privacy request automation to companies looking to comply.
This is our CCPA compliance and Data Governance offering where we provide a turn key solution in the areas of Privacy Request Management, CCPA Compliance Roll Out, Privacy API for Data Lookup, and Data Breach Prevention . 
Privacy Request Management
CCPA Compliance Rollout
Privacy API for Data Lookup
Data Breach Prevention
Privacy requests management, data protection, and more.
✓ Web-based intake form
✓ Do Not Sell My Personal Data Button
✓ Multi-user workflow
✓ Pre-defined email templates
✓ Track each request 
✓ Alert on # of requests per consumer

✓ Email responses and notices
✓ Unlimited number of personal requests
✓ Settings based on workflow
✓ Securely send data to consumer ✓ Audit and forensics
✓ Privacy API engine - data lookup
✓ Built-in email verification
✓ 1-800 automated intake
✓ Additional consumer verification
✓ Role based access control
✓ Option to deploy DLP on-prem
✓ Comprehensive security console
Our case studies
✇ A SaaS company delivers privacy APIs to its customers
✇ A popular consumer products business automates privacy requests
✇ Large volume financial transaction company protects customer data
✇ A major hotel business deploy privacy requests management across multiple properties

Our framework for CCPA success

Major Areas
We offer CCPA compliance products, and services and get your business ready to avoid enforcement action.

Protection from malicious theft and accidental leaks 

SoC: Central Visibility, Command, and Control
Automated data identification and classification
Automated policy generation & enforcement
Automated role based access control
Automated data governance & compliance
Item VARIEDY OneTrust
Intake Web Form Yes Yes
Toll Free Intake Automation Yes double click to edit
Manage Multiple Domains Yes double click to edit
Cyber Insurance Yes double click to edit
Built-in Verification Yes double click to edit
Privacy API Yes double click to edit
Data Breach Prevention Yes double click to edit
GDPR double click to edit Yes


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