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Understanding Design Prototypes – What You Can And Can’t Do With Them

As you already know, there are few preliminary stages for every website or app before it is released, where the team tests the structure, appearance, and functionality to fix any compromised functionality and to communicate their message in the clearest possible way. These phases are all similar to each other, and in order not to […]

10 Do’s and Don’ts of Mobile UX Design

Mobile design can be a tricky subject, with many things to consider when creating a mobile app. To simplify the task, I’ve prepared some highly practical tips on what you should and what you shouldn’t do when designing a mobile app. Keep them in mind as you’re designing your app’s experience.

Rebranding a digital bank: The story behind our new look

Monese is a branchless banking service that allows residents of the European Economic Area to open a local banking account in as little as 120 seconds, even if the customer has no immediate proof of address or has poor credit history. We built Monese to help the 90 million people across Europe who are ‘financially […]

UI/UX Case Study: Charity App — Payment flow

When I was traveling in train two months before, I saw a group of NGO people discussing their donation and charity plans. I realized that there are lots of happiness involved. But the stinging truth is, there are many restraints in doing the noble cause. Hence I had planned to design an app for the […]

8 Reasons why UX/UI Designer is best job in the world.

Why is UX/UI designer the best job in the world? By:  Johny Vino Product designer. Designing for daily human problem. You’re going to be the only human, who truly loves their job.You will get paid to do what you like most. So its like paid holiday №1. You will never feel Boring. UX designers solve different problems […]

Hackers: the Internet’s Immune System

The beauty of hackers, says cybersecurity expert Keren Elazari, is that they force us to evolve and improve. Yes, some hackers are bad guys, but many are working to fight government corruption and advocate for our rights. By exposing vulnerabilities, they push the Internet to become stronger and healthier, wielding their power to create a […]

Big data is better data

Self-driving cars were just the start. What’s the future of big data-driven technology and design? In a thrilling science talk, Kenneth Cukier looks at what’s next for machine learning — and human knowledge.
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