When Should You Redesign Your Website?

In today’s business world, when one mentions the word “website,” what comes to mind is digital marketing.

However, taking your website as just a platform for your marketing strategy doesn’t show the full picture of how much an asset this is. Think about it. You invested a lot in hiring and paying different experts to help you build a platform that brings visitors and prospects from left, right and center. This boosts your conversion rates and ultimately your brand.

That’s why it needs to be redesigned occasionally to ensure its value in boosting your Return on Investment keeps rising.

Most web brands do not know when the right time for a website redesign is. Here is a list of 4 things which should prompt you to redesign your website all over again avoiding designing mistakes.


  • Branding Purposes


When branding your online platform, you should ensure it matches to the offline business aesthetics. If you use yellow and blue on the company’s logo, use the same colors for your website.

Once you find out that the website design, the mission, and the vision statements do not match, call in the required experts to assist you in getting the branding requirements in place. Uniformity encourages your visitors to trust your brand and could have an impact on their view about you and your company.


  • To improve the mobile website design


In a world where smartphone devices are taking over, you should ensure your website also keeps up. Unlike the 90s, where people used to access the web using their computers, today most people opt for their tablets due to the convenience that comes with it.

Therefore, you should redesign the existing website to make sure it is optimized for smartphone use. In addition, ask your website developer to synchronize the site in such a way it detects when a user is either using a computer or mobile phone; otherwise, you’ll easily lose potential customers.


  • Technical problems


From a business perspective, you do not want your website to rank lower on Google because it does not function properly.

Some of the technical issues that call for a website revamp include dead links, slow loading speeds, SEO issues, and error 404 messages. A quick look into these vulnerabilities will help you to keep your already existing audience.

Also, keep in mind that the overall website structure plays an essential role in maintaining visitors. Sneak into your visitor’s web pages to see what enhancements they add to their sites and borrow those ideas as you redesign your pages.


  • Updating existing content



Content is critical when it comes to marketing.  If you notice your articles have outdated information, then it is time to consider an overhaul of your website. Remember that Google keeps altering its algorithms. Therefore, keep your content up-to-date to ensure you maintain your high ranking.

When thinking of website redesign, it is always good to look at website from the customer’s perspective. This will not only help you to maintain your brand’s reach but also increase its engagement with new customers.


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