Web Design Mistakes to Avoid in 2019


As the internet grows, it only means that the number of online businesses, websites and social pages grow with it. Moreover, for online brands, this means an increase in the competition of customer bases.

Thanks to web design, businesses can now create websites that are a pure reflection of their brand enabling them to tap into their target markets without worrying too much about the competition.

However, a slight negligence on how you maintain your website and interact with your customers could be the downfall of your already established online venture. Here we discuss on certain web design mistakes that you should avoid in 2019;


  • Neglecting the need to update your website


Not everyone will have the opportunity to begin their online venture with a good-looking website. On the other hand, if you have an attractive site, it does not mean that you fold your arms and watch as good tidings unfold. A successful website means hard work.

The design is a craft that keeps changing each day. Today, you will have the code, which offers an answer, and tomorrow, someone will come up with a refined version of yours. In short, redesign your website or update various elements of your websites from time to time to avoid being at the bottom of your competition.


  • Crafting poor content


The last thing you want is to have a website that has poor content. Everything in your site should be clear, grammatically correct, and should provide solutions for visitors. Otherwise, people will run to other websites on the search engine.

If you are not good with grammar, consider hiring a professional. Also, let them do a thorough check on the appropriate keywords for your web content to help you maintain your Google ranking.


  • Not paying attention to your website structure


Users typically have a short concentration span. They will require the site to load quickly and respond to their request as promptly as possible. According to research by Google, 53% of website visitors expect a page to load within three seconds.

With such a short time to prove you are worth their time, then it is vital for you to do something about your site structure. Solve the loading speed, design website for target audience, brand your website, increase ease of navigation, and avoid filling it with a lot of clutter.


  • Ignoring the issue on security



Among the web design mistakes, this one should be the most dangerous of all. The increased number of cases regarding internet data breaches means most internet users are now wary of their online security than ever before.

Therefore, ensure your visitors are secure when they come to your platform. Additionally, if you expect them to share their details, assure them you will not share them with any third parties. You should also make sure your website applies the Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS).

Avoid using free templates to design your website. Most business persons make this common design mistake because it saves you money. However, cheap is expensive. This could be disadvantageous because those themes have so much code backlog, which decreases the loading speed.  Remember to always arrange content in a clear manner to avoid confusion. For instance, critical information such as your contact detail should be in an easy-to-locate space.

These few tips should come in handy in helping your website to keep up with competition and grow online influence hence improve website conversion rate.  


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