How Design Plays a Part in Your Marketing Efforts?

The whole purpose of marketing is to converse with potential customers about your product or service. It is the epicenter of getting traction to what you intend to sell. Customers need a couple of questions answered before settling for your product. Who are you? What do you offer? Why should I buy from you?  Just as a well-structured answer determines your client’s decision, design can be the break or make point of a successful marketing campaign.

There is a symbiotic relationship between design and your marketing efforts. Marketing entails several aesthetic elements including color pallets, unique fonts, images, logos and page layouts that collectively build your brand. Design plays part in marketing efforts by creating a well-structured visual representation of the aesthetic elements to promote traction to what you are selling.

To quote Steve Jobs, founder of Apple; “Design is not just what it looks and feels like, design is how it works”. Here are 4 specifics on how design plays a part in marketing efforts.


  • Design creates awareness


How does a customer know what you are about? Design paints a vivid picture of what you are offering to the market. It not only tells your customers what you provide but also how you do it. It also reflects the strong points of your business, the level of professionalism, commitment as well as the standards you uphold. For instance, a business related to technology will immediately make customers aware of its line of specialty by using a design related to smartphones, chips, hard drives or computers using images, and other visual aesthetics.


  • Design increases visibility


Remember the phrase “Image is everything”? Great. It simply means that a customer is drawn to a seller that sets their product apart from the rest. Design is a reflection of your branding personality and the first impression of you and your product or service. Good branding highlights the strong sell-points in a bid to draw traction to your product. On the other hand, poor branding may hurt your marketing campaign by failing to highlight important information that draws customers. Therefore avoid webdesign mistakes to lose your valuable customers.


  • Design delivers conversion


Sales are driven by customer engagement. When building a marketing campaign, the design approach should answer some key queries such as how does it create engagement with the client? How does this engagement convert to sales? How does the marketing strategy promote brand loyalty to increase sale levels? In essence, design determines how easily clients are able to understand your message and how well they can communicate back with you. Aesthetic elements such as the placement of a ‘call-to-action’ button (such as comments) or the sub-menu placements on your website determine the ease of interaction with customers. A clustered design is not only an eyesore but also a cumbersome platform to engage in any sort of trade with potential customers. You should always design your website for target audience.


  • Design conveys message


Sometimes, a marketing strategy could be meant to create awareness rather than promote sales. In such a scenario, would you rather read an entire 2000-word article or a piece with visually stimulating content? Design plays part in marketing efforts by capturing the attention of the intended audience through cleverly selected images and infographics in addition to the text content. Good design also evokes the emotion of the audience to engage in discussions on open forums.

Customers are polychromatic in nature. Color and visually stimulating aesthetics are the pivotal point of the traction you long for your product and services. Whether it is intended for creating awareness or promoting sales, investing in a professional designer is a sure way to realizing the full potential of your marketing campaign. If you find that your website is not attracting customers than don’t shy away from redesigning it.


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