Why You Need a Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Hackers are getting control of web servers for different reasons, the main ones being the ability to control a server and spread malware.  Often, these two objectives go hand in hand.

Why do hackers want to control a web server? Because a server is often hundreds of times more powerful than a workstation and that allows them to have a platform to launch attacks from a single point, rather than having to deal with multiple workstations.  Servers are often also connected to larger bandwidths, enabling these attacks to be increasingly efficient.  They are also online 24/7.  Users don’t turn them off at night as they tend to do with a personal computer.  And they are connected to public IP addresses on a public network, not in someone’s home or office.  A server can, and most times is, used as a command and control center to manage a network of zombies – a botnet.  Finally, a server can be used to ‘serve’ malware.   In this case, the web server may not even look compromised, and yet malware lurks in the background, ready to attack unaware browsers.

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