With DevOps Culture, It’s Mind Over Matter

There is quite a bit of conversation about tools versus culture, and sometimes, those constantly involved in the back-and-forth forget that not everyone is so steeped in the finer points of the conversation. Tools is the easy part. There are a ton of tools available to optimize IT operations, from small bespoke products such as the Antsle Private Cloud Server to CA’s broad suite of Dev/Test/DevOps/ARA tools. There are plenty of places to find lists or charts of tools, and I’ll leave you to them, just mentioning the two I’ve written about in the not-too-distant past: Xebia Labs’ Periodic Table of DevOps, and CA/Automic’s Continuous Delivery Landscape.

But what of culture? When pundits and old hands talk of culture, what exactly are they talking about? Well, it still varies a bit from organization to organization, but there are some definite underlying foundations.

Read into why companies should focus on DevOps in terms of culture, rather than DevOps in terms of the tools: